Angel came to Canada via the Philippines, in 2018. She is on a path to becoming an Architect and has  received drafting awards for two consecutive years. Angel graduated with honours and was a recipient of Canadian Federation of University Women and West Vancouver Foundation Scholarship. Angel went to Vancouver Community College in 2020 where she graduated with an Architectural Technician Certificate including a minor in  Civil/Structural. She has over three years experience in customer service and with VCC’s technical training, she was job-ready and joined Synthesis Design in late 2021. Angel is more than grateful to have this team to guide her and hone her design and technical skills, as she pursues her passion.


Angel loves reading novels, watching kdrama, and singing karaoke. She also joined numerous beauty pageants and has  hosted and emceed events. Always  willing to learn and determined to pursue her goals, Angel has a winning personality, and has a great story to tell. We know this is only the beginning.

We look forward to great things from Angel.

“Success to me is being a good person, treating people well” 

David LaChapelle