From an early age, Dominick has always had a passion for building and design, as was obvious from his obsession with Lego and drawing.
As he grew up, so did his passion for drawing and designing which is what led him to BCIT where he completed his diploma in architectural and building technologies.
Dom is currently enrolled in his bachelor’s degree in architectural sciences to pursue not only how to design, but how thinks work. “How do they get the caramel in that Caramilk bar”?

Dominick has been an intern at Synthesis this summer, and his insatiable desire to learn is refreshing.
When not deconstructing a car, a building envelope or a carbonara recipe, he is cooking all shapes of pasta, skiing or spending time outdoors, where he feels most at home.

Great things are in Dom’s future, and we look forward to them being realized at Synthesis Design.

“Life is not about maximizing everything, it’s about giving something back – like light, space, form, serenity, joy. You have to give something back.”.
– Glenn Murcutt