Dom is Synthesis Design’s newest BIM/CAD technician and already on his second stint with Synthesis Design. A recent graduate from BCIT with a diploma in Architectural Technologies and a Bachelor of Architectural Science, Dom has returned after working as a summer intern.

Dom appreciates simple design as well as how personal the field of residential design becomes throughout the entire design process. He is eager to make his mark on the industry through 3d modelling and his design skills, while bringing enthusiasm and quality to the projects he’s involved in.

With roots in central Europe, Dom has always had a link between the east and west and has spent time studying in Germany where he gained much in the study of architecture.

In his free time Dom enjoys skiing on the north shore, fishing on the Vedder and traveling wherever possible.

“Architecture is not created, it is discovered – the hand will find solutions before the mind can even comprehend them.”
― Glenn Murcutt