James brings a raw enthusiasm to Synthesis Design, and a passion for design that is infectious.  James completed a certificate in Architectural drafting at BCIT in 2015, and was recently accepted into BCIT’s Architectural Building Technology program. He hopes that this will lead him to become an architect in the future.

Since starting at Synthesis Design in December 2017, he has worked on a range of projects, predominantly laneway homes and 3D models. Helping other staff on various projects when needed has also been exceptionally beneficial on expanding knowledge and understanding of how projects are managed from inception to completion.

James’ love of travel has taken him across Canada, and to many other countries, including 6 months living in Denmark where he was inspired by the lifestyle and architecture. He is always interested in visiting a new place, eating new food, and meeting new people.  James is also a passionate hockey fan who probably spends too much time watching hockey, reading about hockey, and listening to hockey podcasts. Playing all forms of hockey (ice, road, and mini-sticks) are all great too!

“In the big picture, architecture is the art and science of creating the framework of our lives.” 

-Bjarke Ingels