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Cy Morgan Drafting and Design Scholarship 2023 – Application

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Cyril (Cy) Morgan is the legend behind our Cy Morgan Drafting and Design scholarship, awarded annually to students enrolled in senior drafting and design programs.
He has had a profoundly influential impact on the North Shore community through his over 33 years of teaching and mentoring.
Cy’s influence on Curtis was fundamental in Curtis’ abilities to create Synthesis Design Inc, and as a result, a scholarship in his mentor’s namesake was established to contribute to the community.
Cy’s passion and commitment to his students is forever reflected in the hundreds of students he taught, as well as now in the existence of Synthesis Design Inc.
The Cy Morgan Drafting and Design Scholarship serves to exemplify this commitment to excellence.

Application Criteria:
The Cy Morgan Drafting and Design Scholarship Application is to be completed by students who have excelled in their Drafting and Design (or CAD) Program and show interest in continuing their studies at a post-secondary institution. A successful recipient of the Cy Morgan Drafting and Design Scholarship showcases a balance between creativity, accuracy, presentation, and time management. They are able to explain their work among peers and mentors, and can speak to the conceptualization of their designs.

The application consists of three components:
1. Statement of Consideration from Student (max 300 words)
2. Relevant Examples of Work
3. 1 written Referral from teachers, coaches, mentors, etc.

The student’s statement of consideration should express the following:
• Your interests or passions relating to the drafting, architecture, and design industry
• How your efforts in the Drafting and Design program have earned you the opportunity to be considered for this scholarship
• Your goals/plans to continue your studies at a post-secondary institution
• Any relative information that would contribute to your application success

Relevant samples of the student’s work will partially contribute to the overall success of the applicant. This will give our Scholarship Committee and snapshot into the work the applicant has focused on and an understanding of their capabilities.

The Cy Morgan Drafting and Design Scholarship is a one-time, $500 award granted to the successful applicant(s). The information used in this application will be used to determine the recipient(s) of scholarships administered by the Cy Morgan Drafting and Design Scholarship Committee.

Application submission:
Please submit your Statement of Consideration, Examples of Work, and Referral together in 1 email to
Examples of work can be in image format, PDF, CAD File, DropBox link, or any digital method of sharing content.
You will receive a statement noting your application was received.

We are still accepting applicants!

Please direct any questions or concerns to, 604-980-2087 x 103.