Entrepreneur Masterclass

Entrepreneur Masterclass – December 2021

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Giving back to the community often backfires. Backfires because we often gain more from the experience than the community we were serving.

This week Synthesis Design were special guests at Ms. Lau’s Entrepreneurship 12 Masterclass at Collingwood High School.

We were asked to present  current global  issues facing our profession, and were promised by Ms. Lau her students would solve them.

Our Masterclass quickly dove into 4 issues on our minds every day (1 would have been plenty):

  1. Affordability
  2. Sustainability
  3. Identity and Awareness
  4. Innovative housing types

Within 45 minutes, 8 teams of 4 students each, were ready to give us their 4 minute elevator pitch.

Complete with PowerPoint presentations, fearless verbal communication, and content far deeper than 45 minutes should allow, it is safe to say, we were blown away.

Kids are smart, but these 40  Grade 11 and Grade 12 Entrepreneurs are savants.

Taking us to task occasionally, their comprehension was remarkable and their solutions, sophisticated and on point.

Ms. Lau’s enthusiasm is infectious, (she credits the students energy she feeds off) and her ability to get the most out of her students will serve them well.

Truly a (Master) class that will resonate with every student, regardless of their career path, for the rest of their lives.

We were honoured to take part and don’t be surprised if some future innovations at Synthesis Design were inspired by these 40 Entrepreneurs!

No, we did not sign any non disclosure agreements!