Synthesis Design New Studio Expansion

Synthesis Design New Studio Expansion

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Synthesis Design, a residential and interior design firm located on Vancouver’s north shore, has designed and expanded it’s studio space.

The clean and modern addition is now home to the Interior Design department. The new space also provides a covered car port at the back of the building. With the expertise of Henderson Construction, the team at Synthesis Design was able to work right through the duration of the construction process.

“This is an exciting time for Synthesis Design. Not only is our client list growing, we are working with more clients that are calling upon us for our integrated services of exterior and interior design.”
The construction process took just over three months. Some days the Interior Designers at Synthesis Design were working with ear plugs, and draped in a room of plastic and construction dust. But the staff felt excited knowing the results, and what was around the dusty corner was more than worth it.

With more area to work, the team at Synthesis Design are able to collaborate more closely on projects and now have the working space to turn their ideas into reality.