Building each other up: Angel’s ascent into architecture

Synthesis Design Inspiration

Angel Lomboy joined Synthesis Design in December of 2021, whilst completing the Architectural Technician program at VCC. The VCC Foundation was inspired by Angel’s story, and wrote an article celebrating her journey and academic success. Take a look at the article here: Building each other up: Angel’s ascent into architecture.    


Entrepreneur Masterclass – December 2021

Synthesis Design Inspiration

Giving back to the community often backfires. Backfires because we often gain more from the experience than the community we were serving. This week Synthesis Design were special guests at Ms. Lau’s Entrepreneurship 12 Masterclass at Collingwood High School. We were asked to present  current global  issues facing our profession, and were promised by Ms. Lau her students would solve them. Our Masterclass quickly dove into …