Thank you all for your support!!

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Participating in the Ride For Cancer this past weekend really was an epic adventure and one I will treasure forever. Rob was the official flagbearer, up on stage and on the big screen, to start the ride. The ride was tough but scenic, the event was super organized, and it was humbling to meet riders along the route and hear their survival stories. Rob was a rock star and when he wasn’t pushing us, we were rallying around him.
Kevin was an excellent trainer for me and together we fared very well in the ride.
Our families were tremendous support, cheering us the entire weekend.
We both appreciate all of your continued support and generosity as Team Grey Matter has already raised over $125,000.
Thank you for donating to Rob and Marianne and their kids, Alexa and Mack for this worthy cause, and being part of the fight to eliminate this terrible disease.
We wish Rob all the success in the world to rid his body of his brain tumor. He definitely has the courage and support to make this happen.
Curt and Kevin