from barbie’s doll house to yours.

Synthesis Design Inspiration

Every few years, my parents would get the itch to move. Soon, I would find myself in what my parents called “fixer uppers”. Several times, I was horrified at the new house I was supposed to call “home,” but they always told me to wait and see… Slowly these places transformed into my parents’ works of art. I learned at a young age that a …

It’s All About the Tools

Synthesis Design Inspiration

Before starting any job, one should always have the right tools. First, it means you have thought about what is required from start to finish and the tools needed to do the many tasks. Second, the proper tools will help you work through problems, no matter how complicated. Finally, with the right tools you can accomplish jobs with greater precision and satisfaction. One day a …

From Pattaya’s Floating Market to Traditional Chinese House Design

KevinLi Inspiration

I had a great vacation in Pattaya, right before Chinese New Year. Besides the beautiful beaches and ocean, my wife and I really enjoyed travelling in the city as well. In Pattaya, vendors sold delicious Thai food, and exotic souvenir shops could be easily found at every street corner, spread throughout the whole city. If you want to go to one place and one place …

design decisions feeling like a stretch?

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“Will other guys be there?” I asked my doctor when she suggested I try a yoga class as part of a new health regimen. The image of clumsily doing downward dog surrounded by a sea of lithe ladies in pink spandex wasn’t a fitness move I’d previously considered. “You’ll be fine” she said, “try it.” Later that week, I was off to my first class. …

Hanna House – Whistler

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Whistler Home Sometimes we feel the success of Synthesis Design is in the hands of our most prolific clients.  Two such clients are Bill and Diane Hanna.  Almost 20 years ago, Diane & Bill took a chance on a green firm (and by green I mean rookies, not environmentalists) to redesign their home that sits proudly, if not somewhat precariously, on a very steep hill. …

Snuggling up with Synthesis

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As fall approaches, our attention turns to the indoors. From cozying up by the fireplace with a hot cup of cocoa and a warm throw, to cooking a delicious dinner and sharing it with friends and family, to slipping into a hot bath of bubbly water and letting the days stresses melt away. The idea of the fireplace has certainly changed with an elongated linear dimension …

“life as it should be” a labour of love

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It’s 2 a.m. and I sleepily struggle down a dark street barely keeping hold of an oversized box filled with candle holders, picture frames, vases, and decorative accessories. This is the New Veshki development just outside Moscow, Russia, and in spite breaking a sweat while carrying my fragile cargo I am happy. My work is done!

Designing for sun on the Sunshine Coast

Curtis Inspiration

Just in time for summer, our modern waterfront cabin project has reached a few milestones. (We use the term “cabin” lightly.) The dock has now been connected to the terra firma via a concrete landing with an inset cedar deck and a set of locally cut, open riser landscape stairs. Our experiment with using a stained cementitious cladding, complete with exposed connectors and metal flashing …