Are Half Walls Back in Style?

Synthesis Design Inspiration

We recently participated in a discussion on about the use of Half Walls in your home. See our thoughts here:

Vintage Sports Grand Re-Opening

Synthesis Design Inspiration

One of the pleasures of being in business for a long time, is having repeat clients. We had the pleasure of designing Blair and Lisa’s house 14 years ago. Often, we only get to design our client’s dream house once, it is their dream house after all. But in Blair and Lisa’s case, they love the process and they understand real estate. While we are …

Synthesis Design - Interior Designers Vancouver

Synthesis Design New Studio Expansion

Synthesis Design Inspiration

Synthesis Design, a residential and interior design firm located on Vancouver’s north shore, has designed and expanded it’s studio space. The clean and modern addition is now home to the Interior Design department. The new space also provides a covered car port at the back of the building. With the expertise of Henderson Construction, the team at Synthesis Design was able to work right through …

Return to the Man Cave

Curtis Inspiration

As a forty-something husband and father of two I think it’s about time; I need a Den. When I was growing up, my dad always had a space that was distinctly his (although as the father of four boys he likely remembers this very differently!) In the 70’s it was a small room in the basement of our “Vancouver Special”, complete with shag carpeting, faux …

Giving ‘Green’ a Design

James Inspiration

I’ve been an advocate for ‘green’ design since my inception into Architecture, however I have often been quite skeptical about the usefulness and its ability to adjust to our perception of homes.It’s rare that you can come across a product that is easily manipulated while also providing a clean, beautiful finish; this product is SIREWALL.

Outdoor Living in Outdoor Rooms

KevinLi Inspiration

I have been designing houses in Greater Vancouver for many years. Every once a while, I go back to Beijing to visit my family and friends and each trip back to China I realize how much the climate and environment affect our homes and lifestyles. While the apartment balconies in Beijing are enclosed with glass and equipped with air conditioning units, most people in Vancouver, …

Where New House Meets Old

Curtis Inspiration

While my future colleagues from Synthesis were implementing Canadian design on Russian fields, I was exploring Canada and the famous “Canadian house” design and technology. My past experience in Russian residential design was based primarily on houses built from brick, concrete block, and log wood. During that time I had a general knowledge of wood frame construction from my University studies. I had never met …